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Max & Me Wines @ Eden Valley Hotel


Monday 3.30pm - 5pm

Wednesday to Sunday 12pm - 5pm


Friday to Sunday 12 - 2.30pm


Wednesday to Saturday 6 - 8.30pm


11 Murray Street

Eden Valley



Phone: 85641072


Pull up a stool at the front bar and be taken through a tasting of amazing wines made by Phil and Sarah Lehmann in a relaxed country pub environment. The publican, Cassaly is a certified award-winning sommelier whose passion is about the story as much as it is about what is in your glass. 

The wines reflect Phil and Sarah's sense of place, with sustainable practices respecting the vintages, the vines and the environment. Many of the wines your try come from their family vineyard originally planted by Cassaly's in-laws back in 1998. 

Take your time tasting the wines while you chat with the locals and relax in a classic country pub front bar. 

Max & Me Wine at the Eden Valley Hotel
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